If you are looking to buy a property, then you would choose various types of insurance coverages to safeguard that property. While different types of insurances protect the property from external factors such as theft or damages from fire, wind, or flood how can you safeguard the title rights to that property? In those situations, you can safeguard your valuable investment only if you have secured the title by reliable title insurance. But with multiple options available in the market, how do you choose the best Title Insurance agency? Keep reading below to know more about important points in selecting the best title insurance agency according to your requirements. 

About Title Insurance: 

Title insurance is a kind of insurance where the title insurance agency safeguards the future losses occurring from defects in the title of a property in exchange for a one-time premium. The defects in the title could be present during the purchase but may be hidden or undisclosed. Title insurance will safeguard the rights to the title for that property for an unlimited time from future losses that have already happened. Due to trusted title insurance, there will be the negation of any risks to the title as a title insurance agency will perform a detailed search of public records for supervising the title ownerships. 

There are 2 kinds of title insurance policies namely the owner’s policy and the lender’s policy. The owner’s title policy will usually be issued for a one-time premium as per the amount of the property purchase price. It will safeguard the buyer’s interest in the property until the buyer or their heirs possess an interest in the property as per the policy norms. The lender’s policy will usually be issued for an amount that is equal to the mortgage loan and is demanded during the transaction by the lender. The lender’s policy will safeguard the lender’s interest in the property for the entire loan period. 

How to choose the best Title Insurance agency? 

Before selecting a suitable title insurance agency, below are few important aspects to look into them: 

1) Company reputation: Several title insurance agencies function with a real estate provider, a lender, or a seller. It is obvious for any firm to work for benefit of the lender or seller, it also has a chance for a price assessment. Usually, a buyer is stuck in the possibility of paying more amount to such a company but get minimal service. A title insurance company with reliability and sound experience will have a reputation in that specific location. There should be a selection of a specific firm that has gained trust in customer satisfaction. Hence you have to perform your due diligence about the association with that specific company with real estate agencies or previous customers. Check the online feedbacks about this firm on specific real estate websites or even social media platforms. While there could be some small issues, but pointing out problems in a higher number of feedbacks could raise an alarm. 

2) Services: A title insurance company must be well-versed in all the standard government norms and have the facility of offering advanced services. Services like E-recording will guarantee that the transaction is secured and avoid any possible frauds by any previous owners. 

3) Charges: The majority of states in the USA have a regulated fee in place by the Department of Insurance of that particular State. But the extra fees charged by the title insurance agencies may have a huge difference from one firm to another. Along with the standard title fees and endorsement fees, the charges also consist of other fees like e-recording, electronic document fees, mobile notary fees, delivery and wire charges, electronic document fees, and many other additional service charges. Hence, performing a thorough search on these aspects will save you a significant amount of savings according to the State or County of your deed. 

4) Experience: With the increase in the number of real estate transactions, a title insurance company will emerge constantly to perform your deed. But how can you rely on all the keywords that need to be done on that particular transaction? Can you depend on the amount of safety provided by the company for the safety of information? How many years of experience does the title agent have in the industry? Hence it is important to know the level and impact of the experience of the title insurance agency in that specific location. An efficient firm that has sound experience will have profound knowledge of details and tackle all the common issues with ease. If the firm has good reviews from longer periods, then there will be stableness in the transactions which will lead to peace during the closures. Another key aspect is whether the title insurance agency is an Attorney Title firm or a non-attorney title firm. There are chances that few fresh title agents or non-attorney title companies might spoil the party due to their inexperience. Regardless of the type of property, they should have expertise in all the related services. Missing any crucial one would lead to hiccups in the later stages with unavoidable issues. 

5) Ease of communication: Not having smooth and transparent communication is one of the biggest causes of issues in the real estate segment. Check about the feedback of previous customers regarding the communication style of the title agent. Being readily available on the advanced communication mediums like Phone, email, physical, etc. will make a huge difference to the overall efficiency. 


If you are on the verge of closing a deal for your dream of property purchase, it is key to understand the ins and outs related to the title of that property. Failing to protect the rights to the property could lead to a loss in investment or even legal hearings. Hence, it is ideal to associate with a trusted and expert title insurance agency in Utah, such as Utah Title

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