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What is Title Insurance?

Congratulations on selling your home!

We know selling your home can be a stressful time in your life. We want to make the transfer of your property to the new owner as smooth as we possibly can. Please watch the videos below to explain why and how Title Insurance works and make sure to bring all the things required to closing.

What you need for closing:

  • Personal information – Full name and Social Security number.
  • Payoff information – Loan servicer name and your loan or account number.
  • Contract – Copy of the contract.
  • Trust/LLC – If applicable your property is held in a trust we will need a copy of the trust. If your property is in the name of a company we will need a copy of the proof of signers.

Learn more about why Title Insurance is one of the most important insurance coverages you will buy and why Title Guarantee is your best option.

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