Hello, repeat clients!

Title Guarantee has teamed up with Next Deal to solve all your client loyalty problems.

How do you stay connected to your clients after closing? According to the Nation Association of Relators almost 90% of home owners would do business with their real estate agent again but only 10% can remember who that person is! Worry no more, we have the solution. Its called Next Deal.

New business alerts

More than a lead system, we’re telling you when homeowners you’ve already worked with are ready to buy or sell again. We delivered 18,000 new business alerts last year.

Post-sale marketing that works

Past clients receive reminders and messages about taxes, recent sales, ARM resets, and more. All branded to you and your agents.

Proven business generator

On average, our customers see 10% of their closings generate new business alerts by the end of the second year.

Paperwork Overload!

With Next Deal, your important documents are always within reach for both you and your clients.

What about all those papers?

  • Safe, convenient access to digital files online

  • Important updates about your home and mortgage

  • Free upload of personal documents — up to 2GB of storage

  • No more messy paper or outdated CDs to store

All on the cloud to be accessed anywhere, anytime. Best of all, you are notified when they do access them!

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