You’ve recently bought a home, have you? You must be thinking of buying insurance to keep your home protected well into the future. You never know these days where a dispute crops up and hampers your financial well-being. Dear buyers—protecting your brand new home from probable property ownership issues in the future should be of foremost concern to you. You may find out one day that someone else has the legal right to your residence! In order to avoid such situations from cropping up, invest in a title insurance. But first let’s discuss what title insurance is so you can decide whether it’s worth investing in or not.

What is Title Insurance for Buyers?

Property sale is usually transcribed and stored in archives for future reference. Any matter related to the property which has an impact on its ownership is archived. All of this becomes a part of the property’s title.

A title research company examines all of this archival evidence before the sale of a house to find out whether the buyer is at risk of facing any ownership issues after the deal has been finalized. It’s the title insurance company’s job to look into any available deeds, court records, and tax audits to verify ownership history. If the company clears the seller’s ownership stake and gives you a go-ahead, you can proceed with the purchase of the property in relief. However it is still recommended that you safeguard your ownership with a title insurance policy as hidden claims regarding ownership can always surface later and contest your property ownership. Claims in the form of liens, levy from a moneylender, or tax dues promised to the government could interfere with your property ownership rights.

If a title defect ever arises, you could incur several legal charges which would pale in the face of a growing risk of losing your very own property.

Usually, lenders tend to ask for a title insurance cover as it secures them, and they are the ones who shell out the most money in the initial years of the mortgage.

Should you purchase a title insurance?

It would be wise to purchase a title insurance for a home that is of a significant age. Trailing back ownership for such an old house can get difficult. Now the amount you will be paying for your owner’s title insurance will vary with the kind of title insurance you choose and the location of your property. On an average, such a policy would cost you $1000. The total cost would also depend on the cost of your home. But either way, the expense isn’t extravagant for the peace of mind that it will get you. If you’re any good at business, you might even be able to procure an owner’s title policy from the home seller free of cost.

New home buyers—protecting your brand new home with an owner’s title policy from  is a good investment. You will only need to pay a one-time cost and the ownership of the property will legally be yours or your heir’s until you decide to auction it off.

What do you think?

Do you feel confident with the title information you have been provided for the property you want to buy? If you aren’t a 100% sure, maybe you’d do well to buy yourself an owner’s title policy. Sometimes closing attorneys can miss out on crucial details. Such mistakes could deal a drastic blow to your finances. Why let it?

You’re buying a new home. You want to make sure that the home is in a proper condition before you move in. You check the walls, the ceiling, and the drainage system. Similarly, you should also be checking whether it is currently being leased, if it has taxes due to the government, and if it clears ownership. You should do your research of course and perhaps even hire attorneys to close the deal for you. They’ll look through the previous owner’s files and records to inform you whether the deal appears to be profitable or not. Sure, but buyers — protecting your brand new home should be your number one priority, be it from natural or man-made disasters.

Make no mistake, buying a home from someone without buying a home owner’s title policy can sometimes be the most foolish mistake you could commit. If ownership issues crop up a few years after you’ve moved in and made the place your own, you could be at your wit’s end regarding what you could/should do. A property lawyer would certainly help. But why let it get to that when you can simply secure your home and your ownership rights over it with an owner’s title policy? Come on over to and we’ll help put your new property ownership trials to rest.

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